Invilog balanced multi-axis lever for in vivo voltammetry, electrophysiology or microdialysis

Unique constant force adjustable spring system balances attachment in any working position so that the pulling force via the cable or catheter is always the same.

Optostimulating electrodes for peripheral nerves stimulation

Ready for chronic implantation three types of LED based optostimulating electrodes designed for stimulation of the peripheral nerves in mice or rats. Manufactured with 470 nm (blue) superbright LEDs (30 mA max current), but can be customized in color, size and power.

Replaceable reference electrodes for chronic brain implantation

Reference electrodes change their properties after chronic  implantation in the brain.

Invilog addresses the problem by offering chronically implanted electrode with always fresh replaceable Ag/AgCl element.

Making sure the skull is in a level position takes a mere 2 minutes with the Invilog bubble level probe

Invilog has developed a probe with a bubble level which helps in verifying the frontal  and sagittal plan of the skull are in the correct alignment and if not, then quick and easy adjustment can be done in a few seconds.

Video Zone Trigger

Moving activity of mice in 4 cages with Video Zone Trigger
  •  Video Zone Trigger links animal motion with any neurophysiological setup and activates your equipment in response to almost any behavioral patterns.