Wireless Electrical Stimulator is a 1.7 g device for brain, nerves or muscles stimulation in mice or rats

Wireless electrical stimulator
Wireless electrical stimulator, 1.6 g.

Many animals can be stimulated with one channel stimulator.
Many animals can be stimulated with one channel laboratory stimulator

– The Wireless Electrical Stimulator works with the Invilog In Vivo Voltammetry Setup , Invilog pulse generator or any lab stimulator or pulse generator that provides 3-5 V output. It produces constant current pulses for brain, nerves or muscles stimulation with a frequency (also polarity and amplitudes in v1.3),  set in real time by the lab stimulator and transferred to wireless stimulator by infrared transmitter.

– You can use either a one channel stimulator to stimulate many animals equipped with these devices or a multi-channel stimulator to obtain an individual schedule of stimulation for each animal located within 4 meters of the transmitter. Invilog also provides a Wireless Stimulation Setup that includes its own stimulator.

– This tiny device, weighing only 1.6-1.8 g, is transiently attached to the fixed-on-skull connector of the stimulating electrode or subcutaneous connector. We use either Invilog or a customer-defined connector.

– It can deliver 10 – 5000 uA, 0.25 – 50 ms  constant current pulses at 1 – 500 Hz during an experiment lasting for as long as 40 hours (alternatively, you can use it 10 days, 4 hour stimulation per day). If one requires a longer period of stimulation, then just change the battery, which can be done in a few seconds; the battery itself is inexpensive, costing only 0.5 euro.

Wireless stimulator v1.1 provides controlled in real time monopolar or charge balanced stimulation at the factory preset fixed current level  (1.6 g).

Wireless stimulator v1.2 is equipped with a current adjusting potentiometer (1.7 g).

Wireless stimulator v1.3 permits also control in real time of the polarity (true bipolar/biphasic or monopolar) and intensity of stimulation (1.8 g).

All versions of the Wireless Stimulator are sold with infrared transmitter(s).