Magnetic base flex manipulators for brain slice work

Invilog magnetic base manipulator for brain slice work

This product was discontinued and replaced with Invilog Joystick micromanpuator


The Invilog magnetic base flex manipulators facilitates and supports precision work during brain slice neurophysiology, allowing experimenter to securely position and align multiple instruments and tubing around a recording chamber. It includes one double segment and two single segment manipulators and a magnetic pedestal.

The two segment manipulator gently holds an instrument up to 4 mm in diameter and keeps it precisely in the position in which you have placed it.  The powerful single segment manipulators hold up to 70 g weights.

This tool greatly increases the speed with which an experiment can be set up or modified. No more adhesive and tape mess restricted area under the microscope.

The manipulators can be used either with included Invilog magnetic pedestal or with other types of magnetic bases e.g. optical breadboards.

Standard set includes:

  • One double segment manipulator, 52 mm in length with 4.1 mm diameter electrode’s holder.
  • Two single segment heavy load manipulators, 25 mm in length with the 4.1 mm diameter electrode’s holder.
  • Three small magnets for fixation of the Petri dish or recording chamber.
  • The pedestal, a 140 mm in diameter steel plate with 30 mm opening in the center.