Making sure the skull is in a level position takes a mere 2 minutes with the Invilog bubble level probe


One of the most critical and time consuming element of the stereotaxic surgery is the precise positioning of the skull in the frame. Invilog has developed a probe with a bubble level which helps in verifying the frontal  and sagittal plan of the skull are in the correct alignment and if not, then quick and easy adjustment can be done in a few seconds.

Position of the bubble between markers indicates that two points on the skull under the pins, 8 mm apart, are at the same height with error less than  0.1 mm (Download Manual).

Invilog bubble level probe saves you hours of working time and significantly improves number of successful surgeries.

Manipulator for reference elds sand level
Manipulator arm for dual U-shaped stereotaxic apparatus gently holds the additional electrode or Invilog bubble level probe on the skull

To guarantee the positioning of the bubble level probe, Invilog has designed a very compact and accurate manipulator which adds a third arm on to the classical dual U-shaped stereotaxic apparatus. This manipulator also holds an electrode up to 3 mm in diameter.

The Invilog manipulator requires only seconds for installation in to the threaded socket on the side of the Kopf, Stoelting or some other suitable stereotaxic apparatus (since 01.2020 it can be installed on any stereotaxic frame even without socket). In contrast to all previously known “third arm” manipulators this device is not subject to any spring effect and it keeps the electrode precisely in the position in which you have placed it.

The Invilog manipulator with bubble level probe or electrode holder can stay attached to the frame during lowering of the electrodes or it can be easily disconnected.

  • Invilog manipulator
  • Holder for electrode
  • Bubble level probe