Equipment for in vivo voltammetry

All what one may need to set-up in vivo voltammetry laboratory, including headstages for fast cyclic voltammetry and amperometry, potentiostat, brain stimulator with stabilized current isolation unit, software designed for FSCV and amperometry and controlling stimulation, working, reference and stimulating electrodes.

Invilog Contract Research


From establishing of a working in vivo voltammetry laboratory and training of staff to refinement and application of the methods in preclinical pharmacology.

We arrange videoconferencing, which will take you through the entire procedure from the first calibration all the way to registration of dopamine even at nanomolar levels.

Brain stimulation and monitoring behaviour

The same animals undergoing in vivo voltammetry can be tested in some behavioral protocols without the need to register the dopamine transient but with optical or electrical stimulation of specific brain areas. We have developed several approaches that permit to perform wireless brain stimulation and to build sophisticated behavioral tests without significant investment in the new equipment.

Contract research

We perform real-time neurochemical analysis of dopamine, noradrenaline, serotonin release and re-uptake in the smallest brain structures, and testing the effects of drugs and new compounds on the overflow of monoamines in different brain areas of intact mouse and rat brain, in vivo and in the brain slices, ex vivo.