Low Noise Battery Operated Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU)

Low Noise Battery Operated Current stabilized Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU A100).
SIU A100, Invilog’s Low Noise Battery Operated Current Stabilized Stimulus Isolation Unit produces any shape output stimulation up to 100 volts or 0-1/0-10 mA for any types of electrodes or grid floor.


Invilog manufactures a very special Battery Operated Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU A100), which produces electrical stimulation with a minimal noise. This SIU is working under the control of the FCV Analyzer (part of the Invilog In Vivo Voltammetry Setup) or with any computer controlled digital-to-analogue card (pulse generator or stimulator) which is able to produce 0-10 volts pulses. A voltage applied to the input determines the intensity of electrically isolated current (or voltage) on the stimulating electrodes.

A low noise stimulation is especially important when after registration of dopamine transients, we apply a low intensity electrical stimulation on the dopaminergic cells or pathways to obtain stimulated dopamine release. The resulting electrochemical signals are used as a template for automatic recognition of the dopamine transients by Invilog’s software package.


The main features of the SIU 100:

– 100 Volts or
– 10 mA current stabilized maximal output
– battery power
– clean, noise-free stimulation
– any shape stimulation output in DC mode
– mono or bipolar pulses in AC mode
– works with any type of stimulating electrodes
– perfect match to any modern neurophysiology
software with programmable stimulator
– delivers precise current for depolarizing, marking,
or lesions
– indicates electrode malfunction
– controls batteries and shows which one should
be replaced
– very compact (18 x 12 x 6 cm)



– in in vivo stimulation for cells, pathways, nuclei,
muscles, and transcutaneous stimulation
– in in vitro stimulation for cells, tissues, and organs
– in behavioral tests for grid floor stimulation