Fine and Coarse Joystick Micromanipulator

Miniature one axis joystick manipulator
Low profile joystick micromanipulator for neurophysiological setup


This miniature joystick manipulator lets one freely move microelectrode in the X, Y and Z plan, providing coarse and fine positioning of the electrode. The item offers single-axis precision forward and backward movement along the microelectrode axis for accurately dipping the tip of the electrode. The magnetic stand is used for the reliable joystick attachment.


Key Features

  • Easy and fast fixation of the microelectrode, 2 mm max diameter, inside the shaft or in the electrode holder  (3.5 mm max diameter, the holder is shown unattached on the picture).
  • Easy to position microelectrode above the slices or other objects and fine advance of the tip of the electrode to the target area along the electrode axis (500 um step per handle turn, 18 mm moving distance).
  • Very small overall size and fast and simple attachment/detachment of the manipulator with the help of the magnetic base.


  • This very recent addition to our line of joystick micromanipulators – a low profile joystick  micromanipulator, takes up even less space than the one described above. It is only 25 mm high and fits easily a microscope stage.