Carbon fiber electrodes for acute experiments

Working carbon fiber electrodes

Working electrode from the Invilog Research Ltd is made by pulling a glass capillary (1,2 – 1,5 mm outer diameter) with carbon fiber inside. We use 32 (left panel) or 7 micron (right panel) in diameter carbon fibers. The dimensions of the working electrode are shown on the picture. Because these electrodes are hand made, the length of the main body (A), stainless steel connector (B) and shaft (s) may vary a bit, while the diameters are stable.

We produce two types of the electrodes:

1. The electrodes for fast cyclic voltammetry are 7 micron in diameter and 150±50 micron in length. Sensitivity of these electrodes for dopamine measured by fast cyclic voltammetry (FCV) is 5-20 nA/μM.

2. The electrodes for amperometry and fast cyclic voltammetry are 32 micron in diameterand 300±50 micron in length. The sensitivity of these electrodes is 0,3-0,4 nA/μM for amperometry and 20-60 nA/μM when measured by means of fast cyclic voltammetry.

All electrodes are precalibrated with dopamine and ranged according with their sensitivity*.

The working electrodes are packed in a robust plastic box, 10 electrodes per box and sent by registered airmail or FEDEX**. Minimal order is one box of 10 electrodes.

Time of delivery depends on ordered number of the electrodes, requested sensitivity and varies from days to weeks.

*  Sensitivity of the the 32 micron electrodes is on average 5 times higher than that of the 7 micron  electrodes. Background current of these electrodes is 3-4 microampers at 300 V/s scan rate.

** Shipping cost, insurance, sales tax and custom fees (if applicable) are paid by buyer.