Video Zone Trigger links animal motion with any neurophysiological equipment

Registration of moving activity in 4 cages with Video Zone Trigger
Registration of moving activity in 4 cages with Video Zone Trigger


Mouse in a shuttle box analyzed with Video Zone trigger


Nose pokes analysis with Video Zone Trigger
Registration of nose pokes with Video Zone Trigger




– Connect the Video Zone Trigger outputs with the Invilog Setup or your neurophysiological registration equipment to monitor the mobility and immobility of either one or many animals (up to 8 cages) in parallel with data collection.

– Mark an unlimited number of areas, cages, passages, places around recognition subjects, etc. with just clicks of the mouse to obtain a number of events.

– Run your injections, stimulations, pellet dispensers or send data to the neurophysiological setup whenever animals move or stay still for a predefined time in the active zones or cross those lines in a chosen direction (as in the example of behavior in the shuttle box).

– Use a Video Zone trigger to count the number of nose pokes in as many holes as required and output 8 TTL lines.

– Mark different parts of the body (tail, head, paws, chest) of an immobilized/anaesthetized animal and obtain indicators of muscle activity without any implantation of electrodes or electromechanical sensors.

– Connect a camera to binoculars and detect/calculate motion at a microscopic level.

– Connect the active zones in chains using logical conditions, so that, for example, trigger output 1 will be active only when zone A is activated by an animal nose poke or crossing the line, while zones B and C are not activated.

Video Zone Trigger v.2.1 includes a camera for monitoring behavior in 4 separate boxes, a notebook computer equipped with software, and an interface box with 8 trigger output lines that produce a 3.3 or 5 volt (TTL) signal upon activation.

Video Zone Trigger v.2.2 (extended configuration) includes 2 cameras, a notebook computer, and an interface box with 8 trigger output lines. It allows you to follow behavior in 8 cages or perform three-dimensional monitoring (e.g.,horizontal and vertical movements).

Both versions of the Video Zone Trigger can be equipped with 4-8 relay drivers that permit adding a 50 V, 200 mA relay or a board already equipped with 4-8 relays (24-250 V, 7-10 A).