Invilog balanced multi-axis lever for in vivo voltammetry, electrophysiology or microdialysis

Balanced multi-axis lever
  • Designed for Invilog, Plastic One or similar slip rings, Instech swivel or custom built attachments up to 50 g in weight.
  • Unique constant force adjustable spring system balances attachment in any working position so that the pulling force via the cable or catheter is always the same (see movie below for more details).
  • Telescopic two part lever, implemented for the first time in this type of equipment, extends from 13 to 24 cm. Therefore, it suits for both mice or rats, small or big cages. An extended lever permits to use cable or catheter of the shorter length, lowering noise or decreasing dead volume.
  • Can be fixed on the top or on the walls of experimental box, or upside down on the ceiling of the Faraday cage.