Two-channel FSCV head stage

wo-channel head stage for FSCV
Optional two-channel head stage is a part of the Invilog In Vivo Voltammetry Setup This head stage lets you to record dynamics of neurotransmitter release and re-uptake in two distinct brain regions simultaneously. For example you may stimulate medial forebrain bundle and obtain in the same experiment curves of dopamine overflow in the dorsal and ventral striatum.

FCV Analyzer with Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU)

Battery operate current stabilized SIUFCV Analyzer now includes current stabilized stimulus isolation unit (SIU). This unit is working together with inbuilt in the FCV Analyzer stimulator. Thanks to replaceable batteries the SIU provides the lowest noise mono- or bipolar (biphasic) stimulation up to ±1 mA.  You don’t need anymore other specific equipment than FCV Analyzer with inbuilt SIU to set up in vivo voltammetry in your lab.

Invilog bubble level fits any type of stereotaxic frame

Invilog bubble level can now be used with any stereotaxic frame even those without threaded hole on the side of the frame. What one needs is simply to glue a tiny metal plate (see it on the insert) with help of two sided scotch.

Subcutaneous connector for cuff and other types of stimulating or recording electrodes

This subcutaneous electrical connector connects implanted cuff or other types of stimulating or registration electrodes with a cable. The subcutaneous electrical connector replaces more traumatic fixed on skull connector and works with Invilog slip ring and balanced multi-axis lever.

Add In Vivo Voltammetry to your existing neurophysiological setup (Axon Instrument or similar)

Switch box for adding in vivo voltammetry to the existing neurophysiological setup
The head stage permits fast cyclic voltammetry and electrophysiology from the same 1-30 um diameter microelectrode almost simultaneously. With this addition real-time measurements of dopamine, noradrenaline, serotonin, pH shifts, H2O2, adenosine and oxygen concentrations can be made.

Fast-scan controlled adsorption voltammetry (FSCAV)

Fast-scan controlled adsorption voltammetry (FSCAV), which has been described in a few recent publications, requires complicated and expensive hardware as well as its own software.
Invilog now provides an application which exploits this promising method and we are offering equipment which incorporates FSCAV as a novel component of its measurement possibilities – and at the price of our basic setup.

New three electrode head stage for CPA

Three electrode head stage is a fully equipped potentiostat enable to measure 1 ms, 10nM peaks of dopamine or other neurochemicals.
With this new design, 2 nA/V sensitivity for dopamine or noradrenaline can be achieved without significant signal distortion even at 5KHz frequency. In terms of  concentrations it means that at the Invilog carbon fiber 32 micron electrodes, we can now obtain as short as 1 ms in length, 10 nM peaks.

Invilog balanced multi-axis lever for in vivo voltammetry, electrophysiology or microdialysis

Unique constant force adjustable spring system balances attachment in any working position so that the pulling force via the cable or catheter is always the same.

Optostimulating electrodes for peripheral nerves stimulation

Ready for chronic implantation three types of LED based optostimulating electrodes designed for stimulation of the peripheral nerves in mice or rats. Manufactured with 470 nm (blue) superbright LEDs (30 mA max current), but can be customized in color, size and power.

Replaceable reference electrodes for chronic brain implantation

Reference electrodes change their properties after chronic  implantation in the brain.

Invilog addresses the problem by offering chronically implanted electrode with always fresh replaceable Ag/AgCl element.