Invilog Joystick Micromanipulator

This miniature manipulator permits one to freely move microelectrode in X, Y and Z plan. It offers single-axis precision forward and backward movement along microelectrode axis for accurate positioning the tip of the electrode.

FCV Analyzer with Stimulus Isolation Unit (SIU)

Battery operate current stabilized SIU
FCV Analyzer now includes current stabilized stimulus isolation unit (SIU). Thanks to replaceable batteries the SIU provides the lowest noise mono- or bipolar (biphasic) stimulation up to ±1 mA.  You don’t need anymore other specific equipment than FCV Analyzer with inbuilt SIU to set up in vivo voltammetry in your lab.
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Invilog bubble level fits any type of stereotaxic frame

Invilog bubble level can now be used with any stereotaxic frame even those without threaded hole on the side of the frame. What one needs is simply to glue a tiny metal plate (see it on the insert) with help of two sided scotch.

Invilog balanced multi-axis lever for in vivo voltammetry, electrophysiology or microdialysis

Unique constant force adjustable spring system balances attachment in any working position so that the pulling force via the cable or catheter is always the same.

Making sure the skull is in a level position takes a mere 2 minutes with the Invilog bubble level probe

Invilog has developed a probe with a bubble level which helps in verifying the frontal  and sagittal plan of the skull are in the correct alignment and if not, then quick and easy adjustment can be done in a few seconds.