Implantable Wireless Electrical Stimulator is a 1.4 g device for brain, nerves or muscles stimulation in mice or rats

–  The Implantable Wireless Stimulator is controlled in real-time by external lab stimulator or Invilog pulse generator, or pulse generator of the Invilog In Vivo Voltammetry Setup. You may remotely switch it on or off or apply a stimulation with required parameters (pulse length, frequency, length of the burst).

– It can deliver constant current pulses of predefined amplitudes during stimulation up to 200 hours. The stimulation (continuous or fragmented) can be applied during at least 6 months after implantation  (for example 60 uA, 5 ms stimulation pulses at 20 Hz organized in a 1 s bursts at 1 s intervals, 8 hour stimulation per day can be applied for the period over 50 days).

–  Animal(s) can be stimulated directly in the home cages. Stimulation will be initiated and terminated automatically at predefined period with help of Invilog pulse generator  or manually by means of lab stimulator.

–  Conditional stimulation, e.g. stimulation when animal moves to specific location within the cage is also possible with Invilog Wireless Stimulation Setup and Implantable stimulator.

–  The stimulator generates up to 18 V on the output and can be used with practically any type of metal microelectrodes.

–  With one infrared transmitter a group of animals housed in a cage can be simultaneously stimulated with chosen parameters of stimulation. Several infrared transmitters (and several channels of pulse stimulators)  require for applying individual schedules of stimulation on each animal housed individually.

–  Implantable Wireless Stimulators are sold in a batch of 6. This package also includes  infrared transmitter(s) and a probe for remote testing of the electrodes’ quality and their connections integrity.  The package may also include Invilog pulse generator for fully automated,  scheduled stimulation.