Two channel Stimulator/Pulse generator for neurophysiology and behavioral studies

Two channel TTL pulse stimulator
Two channel TTL pulse stimulator


In contrast with a standard lab stimulator Invilog Stimulator/Pulse generator provides automatic scheduled stimulation during weeks or months – for example, it may switch complex stimulation patterns on and off every 12 hours and it may also finish each cycle of daily stimulation with a specific pulse parameter.

Pulse length, frequency of stimulation, burst length, burst period, train length, interval between trains (experiments) can be set for each experiment. Invilog stimulator also permits one to control current and polarity of stimulation, and automatically switches off Invilog Wireless Stimulators.

Small size (17 x 12 x 4 cm) and touch screen interface makes Invilog stimulator suitable for any laboratory space.

Key features

  • Two independent output channels produce TTL pulses with a specified length, frequency and patterns
  • Pulse generation for each channel can be initiated/interrupted:
    • by predefined schedule
    • from a touch screen
    • by external TTL pulses from trigger input
  • The scheduled stimulation delivers patterns of pulses during specific time and then automatically stops for predefined time, so that the next stimulation will start automatically (e.g. during weekend)



Number of channels


2 independent output channels


Pulse frequency


2 – 500 Hz (1 Hz step)


Pulse duration


0.1 – 50 ms; 0.1 ms step (0.1 – 100 ms, optionally)


Pulse amplitude


4.8-5.0 V (TTL level)


Burst length


0.1 s – 10 s (0.1 s step)


Burst period


0.2 s – 10 s (0.1 s step)


Length of stimulation (train length)


6 s – 48 h (6 s step)


Interval between trains /experiments


6 s – 48 h (6 s step)


Trigger inputs


independent  for each channel;

high TTL level – initiates stimulation with predefined pattern, low TTL level – interrupts stimulation

Trigger delay/jitter


20/10 microseconds


Accuracy of stimulation


≤ 2%


Stimulator control unit and connectors



– touch screen, 7 inch

– two USB slots for optional mouse and keyboard

– BNC output connectors on back panel

– BNC trigger input connectors on back panel

Dimensions (W x D x H)


17 x 12 x 4 cm


Power Supply


115/220V, 50/60Hz